Various Circles

Playing around with abstract circles generated from my photography and 3D renders, then applied to various media.

  • Category: Design
  • Role: Photography, 3D, Design, Illustration
  • When: 2012 - present
  • Status: Ongoing
Tshirt design
Spiral Wave
Tube Mag
Chet Baker Album Cover Design
Miles Davis Album Cover Design
Thelonius Monk Album Cover Design
Bill Evans Album Cover Design
Hasbulla Badge Pin
John Mellencamp Album Cover Design
Tom Petty Album Cover Design
Lil Uzi Vert Cover Design
Daft Punk Album Cover Design
Retro Japan Poster
Love Yourself Poster
Jeff Bezos Illustration
Eln Musk Illustration
Jack Dorsey Illustration
Steve Jobs Illustration
Write Your Ideas
Build An Audience
Memorize vs Understand
Try Always
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