MahjongLogic is a software provider for the popular Chinese table game. The software allows clients to start running their own online mahjong rooms at competitive rates. It offers a full suite of services from lobby management to backend admin services.

The Challenge
The previous website design was not getting much attention due to its dated look compared to similar websites in the space; it was also a pain to browse on smaller screens.

I worked with the product manager to develop an updated online presence that focused on presenting the content with a modern aesthetic and simplifying the navigation while making sure all devices can render the content responsively.

Information Architecture
After assessing the current web content + additional content from the product manager, I came up with 5 content blocks to make the top navigation simple. The footer links allow the user to see the content structure in detail.

I was also tasked to produce a newsletter design for outbound communications. I did a couple of responsive designs; they look especially good on mobile.

Responsive Experience
The entire site is designed responsively across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. I wanted to provide an optimum browsing experience focusing on the content regardless of viewport size.

We had a subscription to Shutterstock so having access to beautiful mahjong-related imagery was easy. I focused on photos that have a dynamic yet classic feel, a reflection of the product.

Content Management
I used Wordpress with Bootstrap for the custom theme to make the pages responsive from the get-go.

Numbers to ponder upon
3 initial designs produced
2 weeks allotted for development
4 years since redesign went live; still going strong

  • Category: Interactive
  • Role: Visual Design, Front-End Development via Bootstrap, WordPress Development
  • When: 2015
  • Status: Online
MahjongLogic Mockup 1
MahjongLogic Mockup 2
MahjongLogic Initial Explorations
MahjongLogic Mockup 3
MahjongLogic Newsletters
MahjongLogic Mockup 4
MahjongLogic Mockup 5
MahjongLogic Mockup 6
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