MahjongLogic is a software provider offering an online version of the popular Chinese table game. The software allows clients to start running their own online mahjong rooms at competitive rates. It offers a full suite of services from lobby management to backend admin services.

I redesigned the website and implemented it in WordPress. This entailed designing the homepage, subpages, news pages, while reusing all of the existing content from the previous design.

  • Category: Interactive
  • Role: Visual Design, Front-End Development via Bootstrap, WordPress Development
  • When: 2015
  • Status: Online
MahjongLogic Mockup 2
MahjongLogic Initial Explorations
Why the Redesign?

The previous website design was not getting much attention due to its dated look compared to similar websites in the space; it was also a pain to browse on smaller screens.


I worked with the product manager to develop an updated online presence that focused on presenting the content with a modern aesthetic and simplifying the navigation while making sure all devices can render the content responsively.

MahjongLogic Mockup 2
MahjongLogic Sitemap
Information Architecture

After assessing the current web content + additional content from the product manager, I came up with 5 content blocks to make the top navigation simple. The footer links allow the user to see the content structure in detail.


I decided to include at least 2 hero images for the homepage to highlight various product features. The content blocks allow for easy scanning and also help make the content easily flow on most devices.

MahjongLogic Mockup 3
MahjongLogic Newsletters

I was also tasked to produce a newsletter design for outbound communications. I did a couple of responsive designs; they look especially good on mobile.

Responsive Experience

The entire site is designed responsively across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. I wanted to provide an optimum browsing experience focusing on the content regardless of viewport size.

MahjongLogic Mockup 4
MahjongLogic Mockup 5
MahjongLogic Wordpress and Photography

We had a subscription to Shutterstock so having access to beautiful mahjong-related imagery was easy. I focused on photos that have a dynamic yet classic feel, a reflection of the product.

Content Management

I used Wordpress with Bootstrap for the custom theme to make the pages responsive from the get-go and the content easily updateable. I wrote a concise training document to guide them on how to update different parts of the website.

MahjongLogic Mockup 6
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