HappyLuke.com Promos

Designed online promos for HappyLuke.com, a gaming website targeting Southeast Asia and Australia. Some of these were seasonal marketing promos while a good number were new game releases. It's good mental exercise to go from designing strictly for existing customers vs new users, using specific gaming nomenclature and artifacts vs using introductory-level graphics and messaging. HappyLuke also has a 3D graphic style that keeps its collateral distinct and on-brand, be it on the website, social media, or newsletter.

  • Category: Interactive
  • Role: Concept, Visual Design, Art Direction
  • When: 2014 - 2017
Euro 2016 promo
VN Casino promo
VN Live Dealer Casino promo
VN Casino promo
VN Casino promo
Starburst promo
VN Lazada promo
Double Dragons promo
Double Dragons promo
Live Dealer and Slots promo
Xmas Joker promo
Sunset Delight 24-hour promo
VN Casino promo
New game release promo
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